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A Successful Hunt

Three cheers for a freezer full of venison! We have about 50 lbs of wild meat to keep us for many months thanks to Don’s excellent hunting skills.


He did a pretty good job of mounting his first set of horns using the Iron Buck Antler Mount too! He found the mount at a local Academy but is also available on Amazon and at Bass Pro, among many other stores. It is a quick, easy to use, do-it-yourself mount.

IMG_7789 (2)

Hunting has opened the earth to me and let me sense the rhythms and hierarchies of nature.
~ Charles Fergus

A New Adventure

We brought home some new toys last night – dual sport Yamaha TW200‘s.

Don can barely contain his glee. He’s been riding things like this since he was about 5. Me, not so much. My dad bought me a 3-wheeler ATV when I was around 5 but I wasn’t sure about it. One of my fearless friends at my birthday party jumped on for a ride. I watched and pondered whether I was brave enough and she promptly tipped herself off going over uneven ground. That was all the confirmation I needed that it wasn’t for me. LOL  I think it sort of became my sister’s after that. I may have ridden it some, probably with her, but I really can’t remember.

I’ve been a passenger on many a motorcycle, both with my dad when I was young, and with Don. And we’ve had our own 4-wheel ATV which I enjoyed immensely. But I never had to learn gears or shifting or any of that. This is going to be a new experience for me.

Luckily these bikes are perfect for the beginner rider. To some they are not much more than a glorified scooter. Not a lot of power, lightweight, and small with fat tires. We can ride them both on and off-road but it will be mostly off-road for me until I get the hang of things and take a motorcycle safety course for my on-road endorsement. I don’t see myself doing a lot of on-road riding but it may come in handy some day so I might as well learn and have the ability. Don hopes to do some commuting to work with his bike. They get about 78 mpg so they can make a great commuter vehicle if you don’t have far to go or much gear to pack.

I had my first crash course in riding last night. We got home from the dealership after dark so we just stayed in our apartment complex and we puttered around it twice, me in first gear only. I only killed the engine once and throttled too much by accident another time. No harm, I just went a little faster than I was prepared for. LOL  Being around all the parked cars, and some neighbors pulling in or out of the complex was a little nerve-wracking. My hands were sore from death gripping the handles when we were done. I will need much more practice in unpopulated places like the woods or the beach as I learn the finer points of shifting and maneuvering. At least I didn’t fall or hit anything last night!

We would be out riding today if it wasn’t raining like mad. Figures. 🙂

Happiness is a state of activity.
~ Aristotle

Summer Storms

We had a whopper of a storm Friday night and another Saturday afternoon.

Friday’s blew in with a vengeance, seemingly out of nowhere. We ran outside when it first started and the wind was blowing so hard it could have been a hurricane. It’s actually the hardest, most intense storm we’ve seen in all four years that we’ve lived in the south.

Our power was knocked out pretty quickly.

We decided to sit outside and enjoy the show a bit.

It was hard to really capture the storm in photos. The rain was just dumping, lightening was strobing, and the thunder shook the house. So much so that it knocked this picture askew in its frame!

Stranger too, Olli wanted to come outside with us and he was happy as a clam despite the storm activity.

Milo on the other hand…was not so sure.

Milo did come out for a bit but pretty quickly wanted back inside.

Olli didn’t seem the least concerned even when the thunder cracked and boomed right overhead. But you better get out of his way if there are strangers about. He’s got a stranger fear like none other. He was outside with me one day, middle of the afternoon, enjoying the sun, and some neighbors were parking a boat nearby. One person was outside the vehicle directing the driver and Olli went into ‘stranger-danger’ panic mode. He couldn’t even really see them but he could hear the strange voices. I find it curiously funny that things like storms don’t bother him but strange voices do.

Saturday morning, all was calm, the sun was shining as usual. We got our power back early in the morning but the internet and cable were out till early afternoon. When, another storm suddenly cropped up again. Just like Friday night, it was intense. Thankfully it only last about an hour or two before moving on.

Here’s a look at our drainage in the parking lot, before the Saturday’s deluge…

And after…

How you view a storm is a question of perspective; provided you find the right rock to watch it from, it could be the most incredible thing you’ll ever witness.
~ Dan Stevens

Simple solutions are sometimes the best

One of my latest favorite things is…drum roll please…a shower cap!

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done!

Really. Not kidding.

It’s such a simple little device and something that I’d always associated with old fashioned ways, only having seen grandmothers and aunts use them. I didn’t see the practical use until recently. See, I finally listened to the girls at the salon about three years ago and stopped washing my hair every day. For years I’d been preached at that it strips your hair, causes additional breakage, that it’s just not necessary, yada, yada, yada. I finally decided to give it a try.

I got into a routine of washing every other day, or maybe every third day depending on how I wanted to wear my hair on a given day. But, as someone with long hair (past my shoulders) it meant that on the days that I didn’t wash, I put it up in a bun with a clip (uncovered) and showered. My hair always still got a little wet which sometimes didn’t matter, sometimes was a pain in the butt if it was in decent enough condition to still wear half down in clip or in a pony tail. It ended up that on my washing days, I wore my hair dry and down, and then on the non-washing day I had to wear it up in the clip. Back and forth, one then the other. It got dreadfully dull and routine.

But this past fall, we were visiting some relatives in Texas and low and behold a shower cap was in the bathroom. I gave it a test run, just to see what I thought and I was instantly in love. Within a week of returning home I ran out and bought one and it’s given me so much more freedom! I feel silly for my previous close-mindedness about the infamous shower cap and marvel every day at its simplicity. Now on days that I don’t wash, I put my hair in a ponytail and hold the tail up with a clip, slip my cap on, shower, and then afterwards, I can wear my hair any way I want. I can flat iron it and wear it down, I can leave it wild, put it in a pony, whatever.

Really girls, you’ve got to share this with your friends! If a peer had told me how much her shower cap made her life easier, I would have given it a try long ago.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
~ Leonardo DaVinci

I’ve Been Tagged – Would you like to play?

What’s this? One of my new blogger friends, Erika Gardner, tagged me with a blogosphere chain letter type activity. The way it works is this, she blogged her answers to questions that someone else tagged her with, and posted the following 11 questions and tagged me (and 11 other bloggers) to answer them. The idea is that I write a new set of 11 questions and tag 11 other bloggers to continue the fun.

Hmm, well I’m going to change the rules a bit. I’ve answered the 11 questions that I was tagged with and I’ve written new questions for anyone who wants to play. But I’m not specifically tagging anyone. If you are a reader of my blog and would like to participate, if you have a blog, by all means, post your answers and tag new bloggers with new questions or continue this open-ended invitation to participate. If you don’t have a blog and you want to answer the questions, then email me privately and share your answers. It’s all in the spirit of fun and getting to know one another or learning something about a friend that you may not have known.

So here are the questions that were put to me by Erika…enjoy!

1.)  What is your favorite quote?

Generally speaking I don’t like choosing favorites. But for the purposes of playing along, here are a two that seem to always be with me.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.
~ Tim McGraw

2.)  What is your first memory?

Wow. I have no idea. I have a few memories that are so gray and fuzzy that at best I can say they are early memories for their lack of clarity.

Hmm…I can remember being so small that I looked up at the kitchen counter and I could not reach it with my hands. Not much of a story but a memory nonetheless.

For more of a story, when I was very young we lived in a two story house and I had a somewhat round toy box that looked like a pig. My older sister and I would dump all the toys out and stuff pillows inside for cushioning all around. I would crawl inside. She would put the lid on and roll me down the hall and down the stairs. I thought it was the greatest fun ever. I’m pretty sure she held on to the pig as she went down the stairs. I don’t think she just pushed me and let me go. 🙂

3.)  If you could have any dish cooked by anyone in the world (living or dead), what would you have and who would prepare it for you?

I’d have my husband make his famous meat log. Don’t care what meat. Any will do. Every log he’s made has been out of this world. See examples one, two, three.

4.)  What languages do you speak?  What language would you most like to learn?

Just my native English, and a little Spanish learned in high school. I don’t really have a desire to learn another specific language but I do think it is a valuable skill, most useful if you learn the language of an area where you are going to be traveling or living.

5.)  Do you have any pet peeves?  What are they?

Having to repeat myself is probably my greatest pet peeve.

6.)  Name one thing you like about yourself.

My excitement and joy in experiencing new things.

7.)  If I handed you $1000 (American) right now, how would you spend it? No fair saving it!

Well, given our current circumstances we would pay down the loan we just took out. But, if we had $1,000 to blow and no other obligations, we would put a bed liner in the truck and take photography classes together.

8.)  What is your favorite song?

Damn. Favorites again. Well, not only are favorites hard for me to choose, but I’m notoriously bad at knowing titles and artists for music. Here are a few top faves…(I had to look them all up in my ipod.)

Anything But Mine, Kenny Chesney
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman, Bryan Adams
Don’t Follow, Alice In Chains
Not Over You, Gavin DeGraw
Song of the South, Alabama

9.)  Do you play any musical instruments?

Not anymore. I played clarinet in 6th grade, played the flute in middle school, and played the piano for a couple of years around that time too. I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar or another stringed instrument like a banjo or violin. Maybe one day…

10.)  What is your favorite piece of poetry?

Sorry, really don’t have a favorite or even an example of any poetry. Not to say I’ve never read any, but I’ve never saved any for recall.

11.)  Name your favorite season and why.

I like to be able to be outside and enjoy the outdoors and fall seems like the best season for doing so more and more. Usually the weather is warm enough to be out, but not too hot to be unbearable.

Now, if you want to play, here are my new 11 questions that I put to you. Use them to write a blog post and tag others (see example how to tag here), or simply answer on your post with an open-ended invitation like this for others to play, or if you want to play but don’t want to share your answers with the world, you can email me here.

  1. Thinking of your most recent vacation, where did you go and what did you do that was most memorable?
  2. What celebrity are you most often told you look like?
  3. What is your greatest fear?
  4. Have you ever won a contest of any kind?
  5. Can you remember the first time you saved money/allowance as a child for something special and what you spent it on?
  6. What was the last movie you watched?
  7. What book are you reading now?
  8. What do you miss most about being a child?
  9. Tell a story that your family/in-laws/partner love to tease you about.
  10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
  11. What was your favorite sitcom growing up?

Friendship is like a prism through which the many variations of beauty are revealed in our lives.
~ unknown