How It All Started

Hello world!

I feel suddenly light years behind the times because I’m just now discovering the world of blogging. I know. Some of you are aghast. I have to admit a prejudice against the word ‘blog’ when it was first coined. I can remember having conversations with Don about it and saying that I just didn’t like the word, and just like that, I put blinders on and never gave blogs another thought.

A friend started a blog recently (thanks Mel for introducing me to this world) and through her blog, and her links to other blogs I’m hooked. I’m loving all the exchange of information and seeing into other people’s lives. I’ve subscribed to a handful of blogs now and I look forward to seeing the new recipes people are trying (I tried one this past weekend), reading personal stories, getting tips on crafts and projects, and the pictures…oh my gosh the pictures. Has to be my favorite part.

I’m nervous as all get out that no one will be interested in what I have to say, that I won’t be interesting enough, that my writing will be dull, that I won’t know what to write about (but that’s only because I’m afraid of what people will think about what I’m saying, because if you know me, you know I love to share), that I’ll lose interest and won’t post enough or that this will just be a fleeting fancy that peters out after awhile. I could probably go on and on about my anxieties. BUT, I’ve told myself I’m just going to do it. I need to just give it a try. I don’t do that enough. I’m always afraid of failure – which I’ve recently discovered basically means (for me) that if I do something, and I don’t excel at it or I quit doing it, that I failed. Wow, talk about expecting too much from yourself. I’m trying to break free of this but boy is it hard.

So I’m going to give this a try. I think it will be a great way to share our adventures as well as keep a record of them for us. I have a strong feeling that the process of writing will affect my own personal growth as well. I’m hopeful anyway. I’m curious to see how it all evolves. And if no one is reading, or my interest peters out, I will remind myself that it doesn’t mean I’m going to be dragged out and burned at the stake for trying something and not keeping with it. I might even manage not to beat myself up about it. Maybe.

Warning: Future posts will have pictures. I just really couldn’t think of anything to pair with this post.