photo challenge | holiday light bokeh

Now that I understand the process for photo challenges with iheartfaces, I’m really enjoying it! I may be speaking too soon since this is only my second try, but this time I knew ahead of time what the challenge would be, and thanks to their tutorial on capturing light bokeh last week, I spent time with my camera over the weekend, trying different lenses, different distances for my subject, and different subjects. It was really educational.

Here’s my final pick for my entry to the holiday light bokeh photo challenge.

I took this with my LensBaby Muse using the camera’s manual setting. Unfortunately using a LensBaby negates the setting of aperture as the camera believes there is no lens attached and you have to manually twist and stretch the lens to get the focus that you want. Before using the LensBaby I got the best shots using my 75-300 mm lens with a f/4.0 aperture (as low as mine will go.) I did get some nice shots that way but I just liked the added distortion that the LensBaby gave the photo.

Share your holiday lights bokeh here – it’s a non-competition challenge with an extended deadline of December 31st!

You don’t take a photograph.  You ask, quietly, to borrow it.
~ Author Unknown

i heart faces photo challenge | furry faces

This is my first attempt to enter a photo in the weekly contest at iheartfaces. I really hope I do this right!

This week’s photo theme is furry faces. I just happened to take a few shots of the boys last night and when I read today’s post on iheartfaces, I knew I had to try to enter this photo.

I just love the expression Milo’s giving me. Is it the stink eye? Is it feigned indifference? Whichever, it makes me smile.

If you have a furry face you’d like to enter, click here for details. Entries are accepted until Tuesday, 9 pm CST. You don’t have to have a blog to play. They also accept submissions via Flicker and via a Community Website.

For those of you wondering about Movie Monday, we didn’t watch anything last week. I know. I’m bummed too. I’m still planning to watch Bridesmaids one of these days. And I really want to see Crazy Stupid Love. Soon.

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
~ Leonardo da Vinci