New Adventures Ahead

It’s that time again – transfer season. Our time with Station Lake Charles is nearing its end and we will soon be moving and starting fresh somewhere new. If only we knew where! We’ve been waiting for the official news for over a month. The suspense is dreadful. Are we going to go back to the NW? To the East Coast? Will we stay in the Gulf Coast Region? Maybe today will be the day. (This has been our mantra, every day for the last couple of weeks.)

We’ve had some good times in Lake Charles but we are ready to make the transition to the next adventure. Four years in one place has been hard for our rambling spirits that look forward to the variety and opportunity that comes with moving every few years. This was the longest stretch we had in one place and our feet are itchy to get moving again.

We are on pins and needles to hear where the next landing point will be so that we can start making plans. We’ve discussed so many possibilities over the last month that our heads are spinning with ideas from living in military housing (which would be a first for us), to renting a small apartment for one year to save money and to give us time to search the area to buy a house for the first time, to building our own house even. (Don likes to dream BIG.)

Despite our eagerness to make a change, we will be saying goodbye to many good friends and to many experiences and opportunities that this area has offered. For me, I will always remember Lake Charles as the place where I learned how to ride a motorcycle! I’ve been intimidated by motorcycles my whole life. I loved being a passenger with others: my dad, boyfriends growing up, and with Don over the years. But I never imagined I’d have the courage to ride alone. Our frequent trail riding trips have been a blast and I hope that wherever we move we will still have nearby options for riding off-road. Living ten minutes from a local gun range has also afforded us ample opportunity to go out for a day of target shooting, skeet shooting, or pistol practice. Hardly a week goes by without a trip to the range. It is something I know we will miss. I dearly hope we live near a range again or live near forest land or wilderness that is open to outdoor shooting. Don has been privileged to join some great hunting trips and we’ve enjoyed trips together to New Orleans and southwestern Texas. We’ve even done some fun things with the local community like the Beast Feast and the Color Run. Lots of great memories.

As for the people…so many of you have opened your homes and hearts to us, given us opportunities, and shared your Cajun culture with us during our time here. You’ve stamped our lives with the blessing of your friendship and we will carry the memories and experiences with us always. (Sorry to sound so sappy; we aren’t leaving yet!) I just want you all to know that we appreciate you and that we have enjoyed our time with you in this corner of the world. We’ll make a few more memories before we go. 😉

A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.
~ Leo Buscaglia

Fun at the Range

Sometimes it just feels good to shoot a few rounds and blow holes in paper.

Yesterday we took the new guns out (and the AR-15.) Don’s been dying to show them off to me and wants me to be comfortable shooting them. Hmm, I don’t know about that last part. They are some pretty big guns.

Here’s Don shooting the AR-15. It had some jamming problems. It seems we need to do some maintenance.

Don wasn’t focused on pictures so he didn’t get a shot of me shooting the AR.

Here’s the big dog, the Springfield M-14. Don’s actually just holding the gun up for me to take a pic. I can’t even keep my eyes open and not flinch when he shoots this one. I did shoot it (no pics of course) but I don’t think I’ll ever be “comfortable” shooting such a ginormous gun. The concussion is huge when this gun fires. It’s a little less scary when you’re behind it, but the power behind this gun is overwhelming. This is Don’s primary hunting gun.

Ok. I finally just had to ask him to take a picture of me shooting the last one, the Siaga 12 shotgun. Of the three guns I like this one the best. I’ve always liked shotguns. It still has quite a kick but it isn’t as intimidating as the M-14. One day we hope to get into some competition shooting. Not with the Siaga. It is for home defense and the zombie apocalypse.

I like Don’s face in this first one. He was checking that I was ready with the camera because it was our last few rounds.

I like how you can see the shells flying out.

I also snapped this landscape facing away from the range. I like the two little trees, kind of lonely in the field.

In Houston everyone owns guns and uses ’em – sometimes just for the hell of it.
~ Shelley Duvall