My quilting projects…

My very first quilt! Toddler size, about 45 x 45. (Everything I’ve made so far is around this size.) Made for and gifted to our nephew Damon.

Quilt #2 – Gifted to our nephew Riley.

Pink Toddler Quilt and matching pillow – made by request and sold.

Baby Quilt made for and gifted to our niece Autumn for her new baby, Remedy. Backed with a fleece fabric.

Camo quilt made for and gifted to our cousins for their new baby, Eli. Don gets credit for the design inspiration for this one. I would never have thought to come up with this myself, nor would I have suspected that the recipients would like it. But they did!

Scrappy quilt made just for fun. Tried to sell on Etsy. No luck. Haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I’m severely out of practice, not having quilted anything for over 6 months, but hoping to get back into things soon.

Thanks for stopping by to see my creations!


  1. these are so cute! i especially like your camo one.

    one of my friends just got into quilting and is about halfway through her first one. So far she seems to love it


  2. You’re very clever! Seeing the pillow slip you made reminds me of when my kids were babies and I had to take a break from teaching. I invested in a fabulous industrial strength sewing machine and sewed baby linen for retail outlets in my city. The smaller fabric pieces and scraps were usually made into pillowslips, so even now the kids have a huge collection of pillowslips made from bits of gorgeous fabrics. They are absolute favourites! Your nieces and nephews are very lucky and they will treasure those quilts always. Phillipa


  3. Wow! Your quilts are beautiful and unique! The one for baby Eli, in the unusual turtle print, is cute and different; perfect for a little guy. Hubby had a great idea:) You are very talented, keep creating!


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