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Good Times Gone By

We sold our Polaris ATV this past week. It was a good thing. We have used it infrequently for the past three years and it was just one more hobby collecting dust and getting old with disuse.

Still, a part of me is sad. I miss the good times we had with it. The sudden expanse of the space in the garage is wonderful, yet bittersweet. It feels like there’s a hole in our lives. Odd that, when we haven’t hardly used it lately. But it’s like a fragrance that can suddenly call back a memory from long ago and it can feel as present as the first time you experienced it; so too, the moment you sit on the quad and go riding, all those good times come flooding back and don’t seem so long ago.

Well, we don’t have that luxury anymore. LOL We do have many wonderful photographs that also bring back a swell of memories.

Reiters Pitt - Gold Bar, WA area (now closed to ATV riding) - Sept 2005

What a view in that second picture above!

Sand Camp - Somewhere in Oregon the boys went - August 2006

Miles and miles of sand…

Rock Candy Mountain - McCleary/Olympia, WA area - April 2007

We even got the parents out with us! Look at ’em go!
Despite the exposure issues, the picture on the right has always been one of my favorites of us.

Walker Valley - Mt Vernon, WA area - April 2007

Lots of fun in the mud on this trip.

Reiters Pitt - July 2007

Reiters Pitt - July 2007 (sensing a favorite location here...)

A few moments of needing a winch are always a good thing.

Reiters Pitt - Sept 2007

There’s that winch again…

Reiters Pitt - Nov 2007

Why do the boys love water and mud so much?

Winchester Bay, OR Sand Dunes - Feb 2008

Love those dunes!

Winchester Bay, OR Sand Dunes - Feb 2008

Little Sahara - Central Utah - May 2008

Massive dunes in Central Utah! Who knew?
We came across this awesome place as we drove cross-country to move to Pensacola, Florida.

Boggs and Boulders - Andalusia, AL - Sept 2009

I feel blessed to have had these good times and to have these memories to cherish. Now, we move forward to another season with new priorities, other activities to explore and adventures to be had. There is an endless abundance of activities and hobbies to experience in life and I look forward to enjoying as many as we can. 🙂

We do not remember days; we remember moments.
~ Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand