cute cats

Uneasy Treaty

Rarely do I see the boys, both at ease, this close to one another. Milo must have been feeling particularly needy or lonely when I caught this uneasy treaty earlier this week.


Although, I don’t know that I should necessarily call him “at ease” here.


He’s still quite alert and annoyed at my photography.

Olli on the other hand, could care less. King of the pillow.

Interestingly, I found Milo bogarting the pillow today!

Touché Milo. Touché.

Cats are mysterious folk. There is more passing in their minds than we are aware of.
~ Sir Walter Scott

Oh, the indignity

The boys are recovering from the humiliation of BATH DAY. The horror!

~ Olli ~







~ Milo ~





I explained it loud
and clear. What part of “meow”
don’t you understand?
~ Lee Wardlaw, Won-Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku

Play Time…wait, not if you’re watching

Milo is notorious for noticing when attention is focused on him and quitting whatever it is he’s doing. Today I managed to get this shot of him while sleeping but barely.

2013-06-30 16.37.28

Usually he can hear me creeping up trying to get a photo. He’s ever on alert. I wish he could relax a little more but those that know us well know that he’s had this problem for a little over a year now, since a particularly stressful event that took place in March 2012.

At least he does let down his guard and play a little, from time to time.

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.
~ Albert Schweitzer


The latest chapter in ‘Olli’s Oddities’…


Not only does he follow us into the bathroom in the morning while we get ready for work, meowing incessantly for attention*, kicking bottles of vitamins off the counter because they intrude on his space, poking his head around the shower curtain, to meow some more, but now he’s developed a taste for getting some rubbing and massaging with a hairbrush. My hairbrush.

Don’s created a monster (as usual) by thinking it would be cute to “brush” Olli with my hairbrush one day in recent weeks. As it turns out, Olli loves it. It doesn’t actually brush any hair off him, at least not anything considerable since he’s a short hair and the brush has such wide-set teeth. I think he just likes the feel. And the attention. He’s such a little monster. We are so in thrall to his whims.

Since learning of this glorious new routine, with my hairbrush, I donated my old hairbrush to the effort; I was having static issues with it anyway. I now have a new brush, on the other side of the counter, and Don has been expressly instructed to only use the old brush on Olli.

Jeesh. I don’t which one is more of a pest. 🙂

*You know that clip of Stewie from Family Guy saying “MaMa!” over and over? Or on American Dad, when Roger follows Hayley and Jeff around popping out to say “Myah!” over and over? Yeah, it’s like that.)

Cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human mind. They realize…that we have an infuriating inability to understand, let alone follow, even the simplest and most explicit of directions.
~ Cleveland Amory

A New Perch

Milo likes the oddest places. He definitely prefers perching on top of things if he can. He had, a few week ago, found a new spot on top of the new gun safe we bought, but Olli quickly found his hiding place (thanks to a little help from Don) and ruined it. Since then we’ve re-taken the area for storage and it’s hasn’t worked out to Milo’s liking for perching, so he’s had to search for other spots to lord over his humans. The printer seems to suit him quite well. Much to our dismay. Thankfully, he doesn’t make his bed here often.




Yes, you may worship the paw. Kiss the paw. But don’t touch me.


Here’s my good side. Did you get it?


All my minions look up to me.

A cat is only technically an animal, being divine.
~ Robert Lynd