DIY projects


We have dubbed the van, Rust-Oleum Rosie! And we’ve been putting in a lot of project time this past week.

Some of the work was too menial to photograph like removing water and propane tanks we don’t need, adding weather-stripping to the doors to reduce rattling and make sure they are tightly sealed, and re-caulking the side windows to ensure no leaks (we plan to remove/replace them eventually but since it will be some time before we can do that we wanted to make sure they are water tight.)

We also painted the dash black and army green and installed a new stereo. (Pictures show before and after.)

dash before and after

We added the drink holder to the front of the “doghouse” (the large green section between the seats) which covers the motor. (Makes for easy motor work!)

We then removed the old door paneling and used it as a model to make new panels covered in black vinyl.


We also purchased new wheels and tires and had side exhaust pipes installed.

wheels and exhaust before and after

It was all a LOT more work than the photos can illustrate. We spent half a day going round and round with the tire company over wheel and tire options. We almost went to another company after some serious frustration, but in the end it was going to be more headache to start over with another shop. The first company truly did cut us the best deal, even if we had to take our second choice for wheels because they initially quoted us a product that turned out to not be available until some unknown time in 2014. We couldn’t wait because we found that the rear tires on Rosie weren’t even rated for the vehicle, which made for a rough ride and could potentially be a hazard at high speeds. We think it all turned out in the end. We do like the wheels we got. Here’s a closer look at the pattern.

Lots more little touches on our list but most of the big, immediate work is done. (I think, lol.) Everything else will come with time.

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.
~ Winnie-the-Pooh