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Home Grown

I’m so pleased to share that our little balcony garden (now porch garden) is still growing strong! We actually thought the plants had died off during the winter. We may be in the south but we did have a couple of very cold nights with frost in the morning that we thought might have killed the plants. But, luckily, laziness in throwing them out paid off because it became apparent they were still trying so we let them be. And look at ’em grow!

Far left is a bell pepper plant, second to the left is a jalapeno plant, and the two on the right are one pepper plant separated to two pots for more room to grow. Although the one on the far right isn’t doing so well.

We had a good size jalapeno recently, I wish I had taken the time to snap a picture. We are hoping to have more soon.

There is a bell pepper on the left plant, it’s hanging at the bottom, left. Here’s a closer look.

It’s so pretty!

I ate this one (below) with my dinner a night ago. It was about twice the size as the one on the plant still and quite smaller than what you get in the store but you just can’t beat home grown!

A small little guy. But tasty.

This is our mystery pepper plant.

The peppers are HOT. Delicious.

Great for spicing up our dishes.

Anyone have any ideas on what kind of pepper it is? They are small like habaneros but different type of fire.

We are hoping the plants will get enough sun in their new location. It’s only sunny on the porch in the later half of the day. As you can see, they are getting some good sun now!

New location you say? Yes. We have moved. To a new apartment. It’s lovely. Our old apartment was lovely too but the new one is a little more economical. So far we are loving it. So much that I’m pretty sure you’ll hear more about it later. 🙂

We used to be a nation of farmers, but now it’s less than two percent of the population in the United States. So a lot of us don’t know a lot about what it takes to grow food.
– Judith Redmond, Full Belly Farms