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Movie Monday – Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas was…well, odd. It reminded me a bit of the TV series, The Dresden Files, or any series that is paranormal in nature, and TV quality. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t done really well either. It had an interesting, unique plot: young man sees dead people and demons, and has other clairvoyant abilities that he uses to try to help prevent evil from happening. Kind of campy and goofy but in a good way. Unfortunately, at times the characters were flat and not well-developed. However, eventually that falls away and you just get caught up in the story. The end caught us completely off-guard and the story suddenly had a heart that it was lacking up to that point I think. It certainly wasn’t an expected or predictable turn of events. I realized what was happening just a few seconds before Don did and…I can’t say more or I’d give too much away. I think the end really turned my whole opinion of the story around. Of course all of this is relative because it’s based on a series by Dean Koontz which I’m sure is more comprehensive and solid on paper. And, the fact that’s it’s a series makes sense. The movie feels like the start of a longer story and I could easily see a TV series around the idea. If you like fantasy, sci-fi, or paranormal stories, this one is worth a watch just for the fun of it.

“I see dead people. But, then by God, I do something about it!”
~ Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas

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