pet-sitting success

Pet-Sitting ROCKS!

We recently went on a road trip for 12 days and decided to give pet-sitting services a try for the first time. Best. Decision. Ever.

I’ve noticed for some time now that pet-sitting has become more and more popular but I had never really considered it. We generally only go away from home for 3 or fewer days and for that amount of time we can easily leave out extra food and water and the cats are fine. Lonely maybe, but generally ok to be alone for a few days (compared to dogs.)

Twelve days was far too long to consider leaving them alone and we don’t live close enough to family to ask them to swing by. We considered asking the neighbors. We have quite a few friendly neighbors who might have been willing and able to help but in the end we thought it might be easier to pay for a guaranteed service.

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to know that someone would be stopping by on the exact days we had agreed to!  No worrying about whether the person you’ve asked as a favor might have something else more important come up, an emergency of their own, or whatnot that might prevent them from following through. If the sitter has an emergency, the service sends a back up sitter. End of story.

Lucky for me, I have a number of pet loving co-workers and I was given a referral for a local service, Leash4Lease, instead of just picking a name at random. Leash4Lease was professional, friendly, and so easy to work with. My sitter even frequently sent me text message updates and pictures to let me know the boys were doing just fine. It was such a treat to hear from her and such a blessing to not have to worry about the house or the cats. And, as an added bonus, the cats didn’t puke at all while we were gone! They usually do when we leave for short periods and leave them alone. I suspect Olli overeats and makes himself sick. I don’t know if the simple act of having someone come to the house every other day for a few minutes reduced their anxiety over being alone or if the stars simply aligned in our favor. Regardless, we were over the moon pleased with our first pet-sitting experience. A big thank you to our sitter Amanda for her kind and caring treatment of our fur babies!


If you’re looking for a pet-sitting service in the Kitsap County or nearby areas, I highly recommend Leash4Lease. They offer a full range of professional pet services including pet-sitting, dog walking, house-sitting, doggy sleepovers, and more! Check ‘em out. 🙂

There are two means of refuge from the misery of life – music and cats.
~ Albert Schweitzer