I had grand designs to post this over the weekend so it would be more timely. So much for that idea! LOL

I took close to 500 photos and ended up with about 90 that were worth keeping. Through happy accident, some of the less focused photos are still quite interesting I think. I hope you enjoy these displays of fire and light that I’ve selected to share. Thanks again to friends who invited me over to dinner and to share their holiday with me.
















Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.
~ Thomas Merton 

Can You Spot the Deer?

We had some wildlife visits behind our condo in Texas last week. I only managed to get a couple of pictures before they were startled by me and ran away.

There are two deer in the picture below. Can you spot them?


Don’t scroll too fast or you’ll spoil it for yourself. 🙂

Any luck yet?

They are small little guys.

I’m just stalling to give you another chance.

Give up?

Here you go…


There were actually three out there but I can’t for the life of me see the third. It must have had it’s head down. The one on the left is a doe and the one on the right is one of two fawns that we saw running away shortly after I took this shot.

The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. 
~ Jim Fowler 

photo challenge | holiday light bokeh

Now that I understand the process for photo challenges with iheartfaces, I’m really enjoying it! I may be speaking too soon since this is only my second try, but this time I knew ahead of time what the challenge would be, and thanks to their tutorial on capturing light bokeh last week, I spent time with my camera over the weekend, trying different lenses, different distances for my subject, and different subjects. It was really educational.

Here’s my final pick for my entry to the holiday light bokeh photo challenge.

I took this with my LensBaby Muse using the camera’s manual setting. Unfortunately using a LensBaby negates the setting of aperture as the camera believes there is no lens attached and you have to manually twist and stretch the lens to get the focus that you want. Before using the LensBaby I got the best shots using my 75-300 mm lens with a f/4.0 aperture (as low as mine will go.) I did get some nice shots that way but I just liked the added distortion that the LensBaby gave the photo.

Share your holiday lights bokeh here – it’s a non-competition challenge with an extended deadline of December 31st!

You don’t take a photograph.  You ask, quietly, to borrow it.
~ Author Unknown

Kitty Cuteness – There’s just no comparison

I’ve been having fun playing with camera settings and taking pictures of the boys lately. When downloading and cataloging the latest shots, I glimpsed some from when they were little. Milo was especially adorable because we got him when he was just itty bitty. Olli we rescued as a stray at about six months old so we still got a little kitten time with him but not quite like Milo.

Get ready for cuteness!

I can’t believe Milo was ever that tiny! It seems so long ago.

BTW, if this doesn’t just melt your heart…then it’s made of stone. 🙂

No, his claws are not painted. Those are soft paws, a great alternative to declawing. (He is declawed now, we used the soft paws until he was old enough for the surgery.)

Somewhere along the line, Milo went from this little guy on the left, to the ferocious tiger on the right.

Don’t be fooled. He’s all bark. He does nip and it startles people who are unfamiliar to him. But he’s incredibly gentle. He’s never bitten to break the skin. We like to joke that he just likes to taste you. He gnaws on your knuckles if you let him but it’s more playful than aggressive.

I can’t believe he’s eight years old already.

Then there’s Olli. Who went from this…

…to this.

He’s such a turd. Always has to be in the middle of everything and right on top of things.

He’s still a bit of a teenager, only about three years old.

I miss the itty bitty kitties but even all grown up, I adore my two mischief-makers.

Beware of people who dislike cats.
~ Irish proverb

A Visit To Washington

Some readers may have already seen these other ways but I thought it would still be fun to post a few pictures of our trip. We had such a great time. The weather was perfect – I hear from just about everyone that it’s turned grey and chilly already since we left. So glad we were able to enjoy some time outside with friends and family while we visited.

A day at the beach in Ocean Shores

A day in the mountains on Mt. Pilchuck

Another day in the mountains to explore Garland Springs

Good times with friends and family

We look forward to visiting again soon!

Each moment is a place you’ve never been.
~ Mark Strand