Movie Monday – 47 Ronin, Farscape, Fringe

47roninWe didn’t love 47 Ronin. The story of a band of samurai out to avenge the death of their master was intriguing; the costumes and effects were outstanding. But the overall package just wasn’t awesome. And I felt completely let down by the end, even if it is in keeping with Asian story themes. So, not much to say. It was slightly entertaining but disappointing.

farscapeWe weren’t big sci-fi fans yet when Farscape originally aired on the SyFy channel; I don’t even know if our cable package included SyFy back then! LOL I do recall hearing good things about it though and after seeing that there is a movie in the works for Farscape fans we decided it was time to check it out. The concept is intriguing; an astronaut is flung via wormhole into an unknown part of space and captured by a group of escaped prisoners. I can’t say that I’m very impressed after two episodes. So far the costumes and effects are laughable. Granted it was made in 1999 and resources were different then. I’ve also found that most TV pilots and early seasons of shows are a little sketchy in the beginning. So we’re giving it a chance. It has such a following and such a high rating on IMDb that it makes me curious to see where it goes.

fringeWe’ve also been watching Fringe a lot lately. Despite it’s similarities to LOST (secrets, strange glyphs, even the same musical score at times) we are enjoying the series. Personally, I really like the dynamic between the “mad scientist” and his son, Dr. Walter Bishop and Peter Bishop played by John Noble and Joshua Jackson respectively. I was never a Dawson’s Creek fan but I associate Jackson with soft, sweet characters so I’m really enjoying his somewhat darker character flaws as Peter Bishop. I have no idea if my preconceptions of Jackson are on par or not but it makes for a good reception of his performance in Fringe for me. Each episode there is some strange, paranormal, yet usually scientific, mystery to solve. Sometimes the resolution seems too easy, the pace too formulaic but it’s also just kind of fun. There are overarching themes of strange occurrences that aren’t solved and that carry through the seasons which remind me of LOST. You get only snippets and hints of information from time to time, meant to keep you wrapped up in the show, wondering if you’ll ever find the answers. It’s kind of maddening and interesting at the same time. LOL

 “Please, allow me a moment to entertain my fantasies. They often lead to a truth.”
~ Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe

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  1. Fringe was a great series! It took a serious left-turn in its final season, but I loved it to the end.
    As for Farscape, I think its best seasons were 2 and 3. It’s a wonderfully emotional, raw series that takes chances few other shows would dare take.


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