Total Chaos

I don’t even know where to start! So much has happened over the last month.

I have photos of the drive from Louisiana to Washington… (sneak peak)…which which Don and I haven’t even LOOKED at yet. LOL Seriously. Life is such total chaos right now.



He drove the U-Haul and towed our van (Rosie) and I followed behind in our little truck (parked behind the van). We have since traded the truck for a larger, used truck and a Subaru. So many freaking changes, lol!

We’ve been out riding our dirt bikes a few times with friends.



He’s got a new bike that doesn’t match mine anymore. :-( It’s got more power and he couldn’t be more thrilled.


The weather has been amazing since we’ve been back. We’ve been trying to take full advantage before it changes.

We’ve been out sailing with new co-workers.

I haven’t been writing.
I haven’t been reading.
We haven’t been watching much TV or movies – although we did watch the entire Season 2 of Orange is the New Black. OMGosh. Now we have to wait SO LONG for the next season, I’m sure. LOL

So, just letting you all know we’re still here. I’m still hoping to be making more frequent appearances and getting back to our normal routine. It just seems like getting back to ‘normal’ sure takes a L O N G time. I hope you all hang in there with me. :-) I hope to make sense of it all soon and be back more regularly.


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
~ Alan Watts

Movie Monday – RoboCop


Image courtesy of IMDb

I really didn’t like the new RoboCop. Granted, I’m not super familiar with the original so I don’t know if it’s better/worse, etc. I just found parts of the movie slow and I didn’t connect with or care about the characters. Don and his brother Kevin seemed to like it a bit more than me but it didn’t wow them either. I think the best part of the film was the satirical character of Pat Novak played by Samuel L. Jackson.

I could have just been too tired to fully appreciate the movie. There are not enough hours in the day lately. We are seeing the light-at-the-end-of-the-moving-tunnel but we are still far from having a regular, routine daily life. We unpacked the last of the boxes over the weekend, made some headway on the weeds and overgrowth of the yard, and organized more around the house. We still have a few boxes of tools and related garage items in the garage to unpack and organize and bare walls throughout the house waiting to be decorated. But I’m not in any hurry on those items. Don starts work today and I am back to work for a full work week with my new job. I’m hoping that in another week or two we’ll have settled into a routine finally. :-)

Pat Novak:  Now you see how fundamental these robots are to our foreign policy.  So why can’t we use these robots at home?  Why are we so robo-phobic?  After all, what’s more important than the safety of American people?
~ RoboCop, 2014

Movie Monday – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Lego Movie

legomovieWe haven’t had much time for movies the last few weeks but we did pick up Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit one night and friends brought The Lego Movie to share over the weekend. Sadly, we fell asleep and missed the last 20-30 minutes of The Lego Movie. BUT, what we did see was clever and funny. We’ll have to watch it again one day so we can see the ending.

jackryanJack Ryan was a pleasant surprise. It’s not the type of story that usually appeals much to Don but he enjoyed it. The story, a Russian terrorist plot to devalue and destroy the American economy, was compellingly real. Which is scary to think about but entertaining for a movie for sure. I thought the performances were decent and there is definitely a lot of action. It’s not a A++ movie, but something I would recommend if you enjoy action, espionage, and the like.


Green Lantern: Don’t worry, Superman, I’ll get you out of there!
Superman: [covered in gum] No, don’t!
Green Lantern: Oh, my gosh, my hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well.
Superman: I super hate you.
~ The Lego Movie, 2014

Whirlwind of Change

It’s just been a whirlwind few weeks as we wrapped up our lives in Lake Charles, LA and moved cross-country (literally driving 2500 miles in 4 days) back to our home state of Washington.

In the last few weeks we successfully bought our first house. The view, is spectacular.

2014-06-16 21.08.47

I interviewed for a job the day after we arrived and about an hour after we finished unloading the U-Haul.

2014-06-13 10.49.53

As luck would have it, I got the job! I start July 1st. I am over-the-moon excited to be welcomed to a well-established, close-knit team of people, in an unfamiliar industry, in a position that is not entry-level. It will be challenging and I’ve already set a high bar for myself through recommendations from previous supervisors and my own. But I am eager to start and looking forward to the opportunity.

Neighbors. Oh the neighbors! Everyone has been so welcoming to us. Every day we’ve met someone new. Our road is a single-car wide private road that serves as the only way in and out for many folks. Everyone waves but many have taken the time to stop, or even walk over, and introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighborhood. I’ve never known so many neighbors in all my life. :-) Our few closest neighbors also have chickens and gardens which they have already shared with us as well. We hope to have our own garden growing eventually and look forward to the opportunity to give back to them in exchange.

On top of everything else, I’ve been dreadfully sick for the past six days. :-( I’ve run the gamut from fever and chills, to the most wicked-terrible sore throat which has made eating a chore, to the deep coughing of what’s probably bronchitis which I haven’t experienced in, easily, over 15 years, to discharge from my eyes even! Which, Don tells me is normal but it’s new to me! Dare I say it that this morning, I feel loads better for the first time in days? Sure, I woke up at 5 am to wracking coughs that stirred up all the gunk that settled in my chest overnight, but my throat is much improved which is a blessing. I’m still not 100% but I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I’ll finally be able to hang up the contents of my closet today. It would be a nice improvement over the pile on the floor. ;-)

While I was sick, Don unpacked the kitchen (bless him), made some headway organizing his garage space, even if he hasn’t unpacked it all entirely yet, and he spent a day in the yard mowing and trimming some of the overgrown landscaping. There is still so much to do in that regard. We’ll get there.

Before I got sick we found a new couch for our living room which sets off the space nicely and which has been duly kitty-approved.

2014-06-15 19.33.49

2014-06-15 20.56.22

The boys have settled in nicely. ;-P

We also traded our small utility truck for a full size truck and bought a new car.

2014-06-22 10.00.55

2014-06-22 10.00.37

Oh, and upgraded Don to a new, more rugged dual-sport dirt bike. (We’ll sell his other one; just one more detail to handle.)

2014-06-17 18.31.36

Talk about changes! It’s hard to keep up. I have so many receipts, new bills, etc. to sort out and my routine and methods for doing so are completely out of whack. Not to mention the fact that my office space is not unpacked or set up yet either. Yikes. Although, we did, FINALLY, get our cable and internet set up this morning after a few hiccups. Thank heavens.

As we wade through the many boxes and continue to try to settle in, I do hope to slowly build back to a regular routine and regular posting schedule. I have plenty of content planned; the trick will be finding the time.

Cheers! :-)

Movie Monday – Maleficent, Vampire Academy


Image courtesy of IMDb

Great Job Angelina Jolie! Maleficent was outstanding. Incredibly imaginative re-telling of Sleeping Beauty. I highly recommend.

Skip Vampire Academy, unless you’re really hard-pressed for entertainment. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen but it was weak in so many ways. There were some interesting new ideas on vampire mythology but overall the whole package was not well executed. Once again, a book series that’s probably pretty good (although I’ve never read it) doesn’t translate well to the screen.

Maleficent benevolently protects her home — the forest kingdom over which she presides — and all the creatures that dwell there, but a harsh betrayal turns Maleficent’s pure heart stone cold. Driven by relentless revenge and a fierce passion to protect her land from invaders, the now vindictive and ruthless Maleficent places an irrevocable curse on the human king’s newborn baby, Aurora.
~ character description

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